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Welcome to East Texas Seals, LLC, a leading source of manufactured and custom-designed o-rings and rubber seals. Our personal attention to your business needs and delivery of top-quality industry products positions us as the premier choice to service your company. East Texas Seals. The Single Source Seal Solution.

East Texas Seals LLC, Oilfield Equipment & Supplies, Van, TX

EAST TEXAS SEALS, LLC works closely with the U.S. Government and Defense departments, shipping and storage companies and all commercial sectors to supply technical and precise packaging decisions. Your goods should be protected while shipping and storing. We have trained sales staff who specialize in the flexible protective packaging industry. Our staff will help you select the exact materials that will provide the best protection for your products. We supply the highest quality and most efficient protective materials for moisture, corrosion, static control, mold, odor, UV rays or any element of the weather. Whether your product requires protection while in transit or needs to be stored over a long period of time, East Texas Seals has the expertise to guide you in the right direction.